The many states of the Room of Requirement

The Room of Requirement is perhaps Hogwarts’ most mysterious room – changing to whatever the visitor needs it to be. Here’s every version of the room that we have ever discovered.

From the headquarters of Dumbledore’s Army to a chamber full of chamberpots, the Room of Requirement has had many makeovers over the Harry Potter books.

After all, depending on the needs (or bladder) of the passer-by, it can be just about anything. Well, within reason: according to Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration, it can’t produce food, as Ron pointed out. (Yes, really, Ron pointed this out once.)

Although we will never know the near endless possibilities of the Room of Requirement’s many forms, we can at the very least provide this handy interactive guide to every room we have seen it to be over the course of Harry’s Hogwarts’ days. Do you remember them all?

The Chamber of Chamberpots

The first time we hear about the Room of Requirement, it’s mentioned as a room with one very specific requirement: namely the requirement of Albus Dumbledore’s bladder. In Goblet of Fire, Dumbledore casually mentions he took a wrong turning to the bathroom and ended up in the ‘beautifully proportioned room’ containing a ‘really rather magnificent collection of chamberpots’. Alas, it had disappeared when he tried to find it again.

Yep, this was pretty much all this room had to offer.

Winky’s room

Poor Winky. According to Dobby, Winky had a real Butterbeer problem after being exiled from the Crouches, the family she used to serve. He told Harry: ‘...when Winky has been very drunk; he has hidden her in the Room of Requirement and he has found antidotes to Butterbeer there, and a nice elf-sized bed to settle her on while she sleeps it off, sir...’ Oh, Winky.


While Dobby relished his life of freedom, Winky didn’t know what to do with herself after being released from the Crouch family. Thankfully, the Room of Requirement provided her with a comfy place to recuperate when she had been drowning her sorrows a bit too much.

Filch’s supply cupboard

Who knew Squibs could use the Room of Requirement too? Dobby revealed that Argus Filch had found extra cleaning materials in this room when he was running short. Trust Filch’s version of the Room of Requirement to be so boringly practical.

Filch’s cleaning supplies

Well, it is the Room of ‘Requirement’, not the Room of Fun.

Fred and George’s broom cupboard

The Room of Requirement can become many amazing things, but sometimes it’s just a broom cupboard. Fair enough. It certainly did the job when Fred and George needed a place to run from Filch.


Not a bad find, lads. We’re guessing there weren’t any top-of-the-range Firebolts in there, though.

Dumbledore’s Army HQ

When Harry needed a secret room for students to practice Defence Against the Dark Arts, Dobby had just the place: ‘the Come and Go Room, sir, or else as the Room of Requirement!’ It was perfect, filled with silk cushions, bookcases, Sneakoscopes and Foe-Glasses. Here, Harry taught Dumbledore’s Army everything they’d need to fight off dark forces.

List of signatures of Dumbledore’s Army members

Hermione’s list of all the Dumbledore’s Army members ended up having a secret jinx: if anyone on the list betrayed the D.A, they would become disfigured by a series of close-set purple pustules that spelt out the word SNEAK across their face. Unfortunately for Marietta Edgecombe, we got to see Hermione’s clever (but mean?) magic in action.

Silk cushions

The Room clearly knew that Harry and the DA wouldn’t be sitting down with a cup of tea. Instead, the room was packed with cushions – ideal for landing on when you’ve just been hit by a Stunning spell.

Sneakoscopes and Secrecy Sensors

These Defence Against the Dark Arts tools had previously featured in Mad-Eye Moody’s office. The Room clearly knew that the DA might need to be protected from watchful eyes.

Cracked Foe-Glass

Harry was sure that this was the same Foe-Glass that sat in the fake Moody’s office in his fourth year. The glass contained shadowy figures walking around. But as the fake Moody, aka Barty Crouch Jr, told Harry, you only need to worry about those if you can see the whites of their eyes.


Thanks to Dobby doing a bit of Christmas decorating, Harry and Cho had a festive first kiss under this. Even after Harry’s terrible line that the mistletoe might be infested with Nargles. Oh, Harry.

Neville’s refuge

When Neville rediscovered the Room of Requirement during his escape from the Carrows, there wasn’t much to it. It was only a small room with a single hammock and Gryffindor hangings. However, as more D.A. members joined Neville, the Room of Requirement grew and grew...

The new and improved DA headquarters

Prior to the Battle of Hogwarts, the DA headquarters underwent a makeover. The Room of Requirement now resembled a ‘sumptuous tree house’ or a ‘gigantic ship’s cabin’. It also had a vital passage to from the Hog’s Head, where Aberforth Dumbledore could provide the DA with food.

Entrance to Hog’s Head

As Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration tells us, wizards cannot conjure food from nothing. As such, the Room of Requirement couldn’t magically make food either. However, it could create an entrance to where food is: the Hog’s Head. While Aberforth Dumbledore helped out the DA, the other side of the entrance was protected by another Dumbledore, a portrait of their young, late sister Ariana.

Multicoloured hammocks

Well, DA members have to sleep. Neville explained to Harry that the Room gradually added more hammocks as more members returned there. Neville really ‘gets’ the room, apparently.

Tapestry hangings of Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff

To represent the different houses of the DA, the Room of Requirement was adorned in tapestry hangings of a ‘gold Gryffindor lion, emblazoned on scarlet; the black badger of Hufflepuff, set against yellow, and the bronze eagle of Ravenclaw, on blue.’ Tellingly, there was no Slytherin tapestry hanging.

Large wooden-cased wireless

While electronics normally go haywire in Hogwarts, the Room of Requirement’s magically-produced radio seemed to work just fine. But the D.A. didn’t listen to just any broadcast - this wireless let them keep up with Harry’s movements via Potterwatch hosted by Lee Jordan.

The Room of Hidden Things

For a lot of Hogwarts students and staff, the Room of Requirement was needed to hold all manner of junk. Well, some of it was junk, some of it was secret Horcruxes that Harry walked straight past. Explore the room and see some of the many discarded items dumped here.

A blood-stained axe

Er. We don’t know what this was used for, but they could’ve cleaned it off before chucking it in here, couldn’t they?

The Half-Blood Prince’s Potions textbook

Harry used the Room to hide his annotated copy of Advanced Potion-Making after Severus Snape got suspicious. He stuffed the textbook in a cupboard behind a cage containing a skeleton with five legs. Best not to think about that.

A ‘tarnished tiara’

Oh, Harry, Harry, Harry. While hiding his textbook, Harry inadvertently came across one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes. Amid all the junk, Harry created a sort of landmark so he wouldn’t forget where he’d hidden his book, placing a dusty wig on top of an ugly warlock statue, finished off with a tarnished tiara. Little did he know that tarnished tiara was actually the lost diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw.

Vanishing Cabinet

This broken Vanishing Cabinet might have seemed harmless, but once Draco Malfoy got his hands on it, he was able to create a portal between this cabinet and its twin, which lived in Borgin and Burkes. This resulted in Malfoy being able to transport Death Eaters into the castle.

Empty sherry bottles

Professor Trelawney deposited ‘certain personal items’ in the room once. Sherry bottle-shaped personal items, more like.


During the Battle of Hogwarts, Vincent Crabbe surprised us all by learning how to cast Fiendfyre, setting the Room of Requirement ablaze. The fire chased Harry, Ron and Hermione as they tried to retrieve Ravenclaw’s diadem, but Crabbe would find himself the victim of his own curse. He did not make it out alive.


Crabbe’s horrific curse conjured the Fiendfyre into different scary shapes of beasts, including a Chimaera, dragons and serpents.

Bonus room: Harry’s dreams

Alright, so this Room of Requirement isn’t real, but the product of Harry’s imagination. Harry dreamt about the Room of Requirement twice: once to find Cho yelling at him because he had promised her a hundred and fifty Chocolate Frog cards, and the second time, to see Neville and Professor Sprout having a lovely waltz while Professor McGonagall played the bagpipes. Who doesn’t require that mental image?

Chocolate frogs

After a bad date with Cho, Harry had a dream about his then-girlfriend being mad at him for not delivering a bunch of Chocolate Frog cards he had promised to give her. Cedric gave her ‘loads’, apparently.

Professor McGonagall playing the bagpipes

Well, what else would she be playing?