The wonderful wizarding world happiness generator

Today is Blue Monday, the day that Muggle experts decree is the most miserable of the year. But we don’t want anybody to feel blue and so, especially for you, we’ve created this randomised happiness generator to see if we can cheer you up!

Yes, it’s grey outside. Yes, the warm embers of Christmas are long gone. But forget all of that for the moment and try out our new generator: where you can conjure the cosiest and happiest moments from the Harry Potter stories. These might include a nice cup of tea from Hagrid, a sock for Dobby, a lovely, fluffy Pygmy Puff and oh, so much more.

Just click on the wand and see what appears.

Dobby’s sock

An old, disgusting sock? But wait! This is the sock that represents Dobby’s freedom – that pungent pong is actually the smell of joy!

A tankard of Butterbeer

A warming glass of Butterbeer is exactly what you need to thwart your winter blues.

A hug from Mrs Weasley

When Harry witnessed the return of Lord Voldemort, only one thing could comfort him afterwards: a warm, motherly hug from Mrs Weasley. And now here’s one for you.

Arthur Weasley’s Muggle gadgets

There’s something charming about Arthur’s obsession with Muggle gadgets, from spark plugs to ‘fellytones’. Arthur, we’d swap our toolbox with your magical powers any day.

Dumbledore’s sweets

Dumbledore, blessed eccentric that he was, loved a good ol’ sherbet lemon. We feel better just looking at one.

Baby Fawkes the phoenix

Aw, little bald Fawkes. Although he never looked his best after ‘Burning Day’, who cares about fabulous gold and red plumage when you can literally bring yourself back to life?

Baby Norbert

A baby dragon may not be everyone’s idea of ‘cheerful’, but when Norbert (or Norberta, actually) was just a wee baby, we could kind of see why Hagrid went all gooey over him/her.

Pigwidgeon the owl

Pigwidgeon was not so much an owl as a hyperactive, feathery tennis ball. Still – look at his little face.

A slab of chocolate from Professor Lupin

After a Dementor attack (or a miserable winter’s day, in this situation), chocolate is called for – and Remus Lupin always had some ready. Fancy a block?

Crookshanks’s grumpy face

Just look at him!

A comfy chair in the Gryffindor common room

The Gryffindor common room always sounded like a cosy place full of squishy arm chairs. Sink into one and it’ll be like January isn’t happening.

Hermione’s little knitted hats

Oh, Hermione. Even though S.P.E.W. freaked out the Hogwarts house-elves, her misshapen knitted elf hats were adorable. Who doesn’t love tiny, tiny hats?

A nice cup of tea in Hagrid’s hut

The best cup of tea in the wizarding world surely had to be the one in this giant mug down at Hagrid’s hut. We defy you not to be cheered up simply by its presence.

The Quibbler

From Crumple-Horned Snorkack articles to conspiracy theories that Sirius Black was actually an incognito folk singer, how could a copy of this ludicrous magazine not cheer you up?

A Niffler clutching a piece of gold

Look at his little paws. Look at him trying to pinch a piece of gold. Look at his little snout!

A copy of Charm Your Own Cheese

Sometimes all you want to do is charm your own cheese. Mrs Weasley’s rather specific cookbook cheers us up just with the mere mention of it.

Luna’s Butterbeer cork necklace

Luna Lovegood was a fashion icon, and this chic necklace proved it. And if you don’t think so, put a cork in it.

A Pygmy Puff

They’re fluffy. They’re pink. They’re basically just a ball of joy. If cuddling a Pygmy Puff doesn’t put a spring back in your step, we can’t help you.

The Fat Lady eating chocolate liqueurs

The Fat Lady seemed to be an absolute party animal, and we have been most amused by her mad shenanigans. Our favourite time was when she got a bit giggly with her mate, Violet.

A home-made ‘Potter for President’ Quidditch banner

There’s nothing more heartwarming than your mates supporting you. Dean Thomas’s banner, complete with a Gryffindor lion and a colour-changing charm from Hermione, helped Harry with his scary first match.

Listening to Celestina Warbeck on the wireless

A Christmas at The Burrow wasn’t complete without a nice sit-down near the fire listening to Mrs Weasley’s favourite: Celestina Warbeck singing A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love.

A signed Hogsmeade permission form

Harry had a hard time getting into Hogsmeade thanks to a typically hostile Uncle Vernon, but here’s a signed form we made just for you. Meet you at the Hog’s Head!

Treacle tart: Harry’s favourite

Harry loved treacle pudding, so here’s some we made ourselves. Look out, Mrs Weasley: now we can cook, too…

Dumbledore’s large, steaming mug of hot chocolate

Perhaps second-best to a mug of tea with Hagrid would be a mug of hot chocolate with renowned sweet-tooth Professor Dumbledore. It’s a tough contest, though.

Knight Bus hot water bottle

The Knight Bus wasn’t a smooth ride, but we respect that, for a few extra Sickles, Stan would sort you out with a soothing hot water bottle – something we could definitely do with in these cold winter months.

Luna’s lion hat

Luna’s totally ludicrous lion hat just makes us happy. Created for a Gryffindor Quidditch match, the hat actually roared, too. You can’t deny this girl’s style.

Ron’s battered wizard chess set

There’s something so comforting about old, well-worn, much-loved things. We wish we could play a game of wizard chess on Ron’s particularly rustic set. Not that we’d win, mind.

Neville’s fluffy slippers

We all need some home comforts every now and then, so good on Neville for rocking these fluffy slippers.

Mrs Weasley’s hand-knitted mittens

On a stormy night, we imagine not even the cruellest of winds could penetrate a pair of Mrs Weasley’s expertly knitted mittens.

Feeding sugar lumps to unicorn foals

As if unicorns could get any more amazing, apparently baby ones eat sugar lumps. Too. Cute. For. Words.

Harry’s acceptance letter

Yeah, we thought this might cheer you up: your Hogwarts letter, finally! Just kidding, this one is Harry’s, but remember how happy it made him, eh?

The Weasley twins escaping

Here’s a punch-the-air moment to raise a smile: Fred and George defying Dolores Umbridge in the best possible way, with fireworks and a great escape out of Hogwarts.