Death Eaters at the Lovegood House

Xenophilius Lovegood gives up Harry to the Death Eaters, who search his home

Extract from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

By J.K. Rowling

The door downstairs crashed open.

‘Didn’t I tell you there was no need to hurry, Travers?’ said a rough voice. ‘Didn’t I tell you this nutter was just raving as usual?’

There was a bang and a scream of pain from Xenophilius.

‘No ... no ... upstairs ... Potter!’

‘I told you last week, Lovegood, we weren’t coming back for anything less than some solid information! Remember last week? When you wanted to swap your daughter for that stupid bleeding headdress? And the week before –’ another bang, another squeal ‘– when you thought we’d give her back if you offered us proof there are Crumple –’ bang ‘– Headed –’ bang ‘– Snorkacks?’

‘No – no – I beg you!’ sobbed Xenophilius. ‘It really is Potter! Really!’

‘And now it turns out you only called us here to try and blow us up!’ roared the Death Eater, and there was a volley of bangs interspersed with squeals of agony from Xenophilius.

‘The place looks like it’s about to fall in, Selwyn,’ said a cool second voice, echoing up the mangled staircase. ‘The stairs are completely blocked. Could try clearing it? Might bring the place down.’

‘You lying piece of filth,’ shouted the wizard named Selwyn. ‘You’ve never seen Potter in your life, have you? Thought you’d lure us here to kill us, did you? And you think you’ll get your girl back like this?’

‘I swear ... I swear ...Potter’s upstairs!’

‘Homenum revelio,’ said the voice at the foot of the stairs.

Harry heard Hermione gasp, and he had the odd sensation that something was swooping low over him, immersing his body in its shadow.

‘There’s someone up there all right, Selwyn,’ said the second man sharply.

‘It’s Potter, I tell you, it’s Potter!’ sobbed Xenophilius. ‘Please ... please ... give me Luna, just let me have Luna ...’

‘You can have your little girl, Lovegood,’ said Selwyn, ‘if you get up those stairs and bring me down Harry Potter. But if this is a plot, if it’s a trick, if you’ve got an accomplice waiting up there to ambush us, we’ll see if we can spare a bit of your daughter for you to bury.’

Xenophilius gave a wail of fear and despair. There were scurryings and scrapings: Xenophilius was trying to get through the debris on the stairs.

‘Come on,’ Harry whispered, ‘we’ve got to get out of here.’

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

By J.K. Rowling