Chess lessons

Ron teaches Harry how to play wizard chess

Extract from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

By J.K. Rowling

Ron also started teaching Harry wizard chess. This was exactly like Muggle chess except that the figures were alive, which made it a lot like directing troops in battle. Ron’s set was very old and battered. Like everything else he owned, it had once belonged to someone else in his family in this case, his grandfather. However, old chessmen weren’t a drawback at all.

Ron knew them so well he never had trouble getting them to do what he wanted.

Harry played with chessmen Seamus Finnigan had lent him and they didn’t trust him at all. He wasn’t a very good player yet and they kept shouting different bits of advice at him, which was confusing: ‘Don’t send me there, can’t you see his knight? Send him, we can afford to lose him.’

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone