Dumbledore's manners

Albus Dumbledore greets the Carrows on the Astronomy Tower

Extract from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

By J.K. Rowling

Malfoy did not speak. His mouth was open, his wand hand still trembling. Harry thought he saw it drop by a fraction –

But suddenly footsteps were thundering up the stairs and a second later Malfoy was buffeted out of the way as four people in black robes burst through the door on to the ramparts. Still paralysed, his eyes staring unblinkingly, Harry gazed in terror upon four strangers: it seemed the Death Eaters had won the fight below.

A lumpy-looking man with an odd lopsided leer gave a wheezy giggle.

‘Dumbledore cornered!’ he said, and he turned to a stocky little woman who looked as though she could be his sister and who was grinning eagerly. ‘Dumbledore wandless, Dumbledore alone! Well done, Draco, well done!’

‘Good evening, Amycus,’ said Dumbledore calmly, as though welcoming the man to a tea party. ‘And you’ve brought Alecto too ... charming ...’

The woman gave an angry little titter.

‘Think your little jokes’ll help you on your death bed, then?’ she jeered.

‘Jokes? No, no, these are manners,’ replied Dumbledore.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

By J.K. Rowling