Harry's core secret

The unusual coincedence about Harry's wand core.

Four summers ago, on his eleventh birthday, he had entered Mr Ollivander’s shop with Hagrid to buy a wand. Mr Ollivander had taken his measurements and then started hand- ing him wands to try. Harry had waved what felt like every wand in the shop, until at last he had found the one that suited him – this one, which was made of holly, eleven inches long, and contained a single feather from the tail of a phoenix. Mr Ollivander had been very surprised that Harry had been so compatible with this wand. ‘Curious,’ he had said, ‘... curious’, and not until Harry asked what was curious had Mr Ollivander explained that the phoenix feather in Harry’s wand had come from the same bird which had supplied the core of Lord Voldemort’s.

Harry had never shared this piece of information with anybody.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire