How come you're not in Ravenclaw?

Terry Boot questions Hermione's sorting after she uses a NEWT level Protean Charm

Extract from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

By J.K. Rowling

‘You see the numerals around the edge of the coins?’ Hermione said, holding one up for examination at the end of their fourth meeting. The coin gleamed fat and yellow in the light from the torches. ‘On real Galleons that’s just a serial number referring to the goblin who cast the coin. On these fake coins, though, the numbers will change to reflect the time and date of the next meeting. The coins will grow hot when the date changes, so if you’re carry- ing them in a pocket you’ll be able to feel them. We take one each, and when Harry sets the date of the next meeting he’ll change the numbers on his coin, and because I’ve put a Protean Charm on them, they’ll all change to mimic his.’

A blank silence greeted Hermione’s words. She looked around at all the faces upturned to her, rather disconcerted.

‘Well – I thought it was a good idea,’ she said uncertainly, ‘I mean, even if Umbridge asked us to turn out our pockets, there’s nothing fishy about carrying a Galleon, is there? But ... well, if you don’t want to use them –’

‘You can do a Protean Charm?’ said Terry Boot.

‘Yes,’ said Hermione.

‘But that’s ... that’s N.E.W.T. standard, that is,’ he said weakly.

‘Oh,’ said Hermione, trying to look modest. ‘Oh ... well ... yes, I suppose it is.’

‘How come you’re not in Ravenclaw?’ he demanded, staring at Hermione with something close to wonder. ‘With brains like yours?’

‘Well, the Sorting Hat did seriously consider putting me in Ravenclaw during my Sorting,’ said Hermione brightly, ‘but it decided on Gryffindor in the end. So, does that mean we’re using the Galleons?’

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

By J.K. Rowling