Reaching Credence

Newt attempts to reach out to Credence in the City Hall Subway

Extract from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay

By J.K. Rowling

NEWT has reached the Obscurus in the shadows of a tunnel. Now much calmer, it gently swirls in the air above the train tracks. NEWT hides behind a pillar as he talks.


Credence … it’s Credence isn’t it? I’m here to help you, Credence. I’m not here to hurt you.

In the distance we hear footsteps, the pacing controlled, deliberate.

NEWT moves out from behind the pillar and steps onto the train tracks. Within the mass of the Obscurus we can see a shadow of CREDENCE, curled up, scared.


I’ve met someone just like you, Credence. A girl – a young girl who’d been imprisoned, she had been locked away and she’d been punished for her magic.

CREDENCE is listening – he never dreamed there was another. Slowly the Obscurus melts away, leaving only CREDENCE, huddled on the train tracks – a frightened child.

NEWT crouches on the floor. CREDENCE looks to him, the tiniest trace of hope dawning in his expression: might there be a way back?


Credence, can I come over to you? Can I come over?

NEWT slowly moves forwards, but as he does so a sharp burst of light blazes out from the darkness and a spell strikes, throwing him backwards.

GRAVES marches down the tunnel with intense purpose.

CREDENCE begins to run as GRAVES fires further spells at NEWT, who rolls out of the way towards the tunnel’s central pillars. From here NEWT tries to fire back, but his efforts are easily deflected.

CREDENCE continues to lumber down the tracks but stops – a rabbit caught in the headlights – as a train approaches, its lights glaring from the darkness.

It is up to GRAVES to save CREDENCE – magically casting him out of the train’s path.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay

By J.K. Rowling