Saving Hagrid's hut

Harry and Hagrid use the Aguamenti charm to save Hagrid's burning house

Extract from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

By J.K. Rowling

‘Hagrid,’ muttered Harry, still dazed, looking around. ‘HAGRID?’

He stumbled towards the burning house as an enormous figure emerged from out of the flames carrying Fang on his back. With a cry of thankfulness, Harry sank to his knees; he was shaking in every limb, his body ached all over and his breath came in painful stabs.

‘Yeh all righ’, Harry? Yeh all righ’? Speak ter me, Harry ...’

Hagrid’s huge, hairy face was swimming above Harry, blocking out the stars. Harry could smell burnt wood and dog hair; he put out a hand and felt Fang’s reassuringly warm and alive body quivering beside him.

‘I’m all right,’ panted Harry. ‘Are you?’

‘Course I am ... take more’n that ter finish me.’

Hagrid put his hands under Harry’s arms and raised him up with such force that Harry’s feet momentarily left the ground before Hagrid set him upright again. He could see blood trickling down Hagrid’s cheek from a deep cut under one eye, which was swelling rapidly.

‘We should put out your house,’ said Harry, ‘the charm’s Aguamenti ...’

‘Knew it was summat like that,’ mumbled Hagrid, and he raised a smouldering, pink flowery umbrella and said, ‘Aguamenti!’

A jet of water flew out of the umbrella tip. Harry raised his wand arm, which felt like lead, and murmured ‘Aguamenti’ too: together, he and Hagrid poured water on the house until the last flame was extinguished.

‘’S not too bad,’ said Hagrid hopefully a few minutes later, looking at the smoking wreck. ‘Nothin’ Dumbledore won’ be able to put righ’ ...’

Harry felt a searing pain in his stomach at the sound of the name. In the silence and the stillness, horror rose inside him.

‘Hagrid ...’

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

By J.K. Rowling