Vernon Dudley of Slytherin

Under questioning from the Snatchers, Harry pretends to be a Slytherin by describing the common room

Extract from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

By J.K. Rowling

‘Not a bad little haul for one night,’ Greyback was saying, as a pair of hobnailed boots marched close by Harry and they heard more crashes from inside the tent. ‘A Mudblood, a runaway goblin and three truants. You checked their names on the list yet, Scabior?’ he roared.

‘Yeah. There’s no Vernon Dudley on ’ere, Greyback.’

‘Interesting,’ said Greyback. ‘That’s interesting.’

He crouched down beside Harry, who saw, through the infinitesimal gap left between his swollen eyelids, a face covered in matted, grey hair and whiskers, with pointed brown teeth and sores at the corners of his mouth. Greyback smelled as he had done at the top of the Tower where Dumbledore had died: of dirt, sweat and blood.

‘So you aren’t wanted, then, Vernon? Or are you on that list under a different name? What house were you in at Hogwarts?’

‘Slytherin,’ said Harry automatically.

‘Funny ’ow they all thinks we wants to ’ear that,’ jeered Scabior out of the shadows. ‘But none of ’em can tell us where the common room is.’

‘It’s in the dungeons,’ said Harry clearly. ‘You enter through the wall. It’s full of skulls and stuff and it’s under the lake, so the light’s all green.’

There was a short pause.

‘Well, well, looks like we really ’ave caught a little Slytherin,’ said Scabior. ‘Good for you, Vernon, ’cause there ain’t a lot of Mudblood Slytherins. Who’s your father?’

‘He works at the Ministry,’ Harry lied. He knew that his whole story would collapse with the smallest investigation, but on the other hand, he only had until his face regained its usual appearance before the game was up in any case. ‘Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.’

‘You know what, Greyback,’ said Scabior. ‘I think there is a Dudley in there.’

Harry could barely breathe: could luck, sheer luck, get them safely out of this?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

By J.K. Rowling