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Graphorn and a baby Graphorn

A horned beast with a humped back, sometimes ridden by Mountain trolls, much to the Graphorns' displeasure

Graphorns fact file


Large and greyish purple in colour, the Graphorn has a humped back, two long sharp horns and walks on four-thumbed feet

Magic Abilities

Powdered Graphorn horn is used in multiple potions, and Graphorn hide is even tougher than a dragon's and repels most spells


Has an extremely aggressive nature

Typical Habitats

Mountainous European regions

The Graphorn is found in mountainous European regions. Large and greyish purple with a humped back, the Graphorn has two very long...


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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Graphorn and a baby Graphorn

A Graphorn and its young

Illustration of a Graphorn from the beast size chart

Illustration depicting the size of a Graphorn