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Helga Hufflepuff's cup

Illustration of Helga Hufflepuff's cup

A small, golden cup that once belonged to Helga Hufflepuff. It was stolen and made into a Horcrux by Lord Voldemort

Helga Hufflepuff's cup fact file



Magical properties

Said to posses several powers, yet these were not thoroughly tested

Where it is likely to be found

Hidden in the Gringotts vault of Bellatrix Lestrange

Who made or first owned it

Helga Hufflepuff

Who it belongs to

Stolen and made a Horcrux by Lord Voldemort. Destroyed by Hermione Granger

... Hokey, where are you? I want to show Mr Riddle our finest treasure ... in fact, bring both, while you’re at it ...


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

By J.K. Rowling

Harry and Dumbledore watch Tom Riddle inspect Slytherin's locket in a memory from the Half-Blood Prince.

Flattering Hepzibah Smith

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Now, now, not so fast, or I’ll think you’re only here for my trinkets!

Hepzibah Smith
Professor Slughorn teaches potions to Harry's class


By J.K. Rowling

The dragon in Gringotts.

An ugly confrontation

Harry holds Gryffindor's Sword in the Lestrange vault.

Drowning in treasure

... the little golden cup sparkled in a three-way spotlight: the cup that had belonged to Helga Hufflepuff ...


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

By J.K. Rowling

Hufflepuff Common Room

Hufflepuff Common Room

By J.K. Rowling

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Behind the scenes: Gringotts

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Hufflepuff's cup