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A Blast Ended Skrewt in the Triwizard Maze

A spell to slow down and obstruct attackers

Impedimenta fact file




To stop or slow down any person or creature by temporarily immobilising them

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I like the look of this one, this Impediment Jinx. Should slow down anything that’s trying to attack you, Harry. We’ll start with that one.

Hermione Granger
The Great Hall during Duelling Club

Duelling Club

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‘Good training for when we’re all Aurors,’ said Ron excitedly, attempting the Impediment Jinx on a wasp that had buzzed into the room, and making it stop dead in mid-air.

And then Harry heard Krum’s voice.


The air was suddenly full of Cedric’s yells.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

by J.K. Rowling

A Blast Ended Skrewt in the Triwizard Maze

Skrewts in the maze