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Barty Crouch Jr conjuring Dark Mark

An incantation used to conjure the Dark Mark

Harry, Ron and Hermione see the Dark Mark in the sky

The Dark Mark returns

Barty Crouch Jr conjuring Dark Mark

Conjuring the Dark Mark

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The – the Dark Mark, Albus

Madam Rosmerta

And then, without warning, the silence was rent by a voice unlike any they had heard in the wood; and it uttered, not a panicked shout...


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

By J.K. Rowling

Campsite after the Death Eaters

Death Eaters attack at the Quidditch World Cup

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Ron, You-Know-Who and his followers sent the Dark Mark into the air whenever they killed.

Arthur Weasley





To cast a Dark Mark into the sky

The effect it has on the recipient

Casts a giant skull with a serpent's tongue into the clouds for all to see

Famous moment a wizard or witch uses it

Barty Crouch Jr. sets a Dark Mark over The Quidditch World Cup to signify a Death Eater attack