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Ravenclaw common room

Ravenclaw Common Room

A wide, airy room with mountain views, bookcases and a domed ceiling painted with stars

Ravenclaw common room fact file

Where in the world

Hogwarts, Ravenclaw Tower (located to the west of the castle)

Residents or owners

Common area for all the students of Ravenclaw house

Magical properties

A bronze, eagle-shaped door knocker asks the entrant a riddle before permitting entry

Significant events that took place here

Harry and Luna came here searching for clues about Ravenclaw's lost diadem

The Trophy Room

Everything a first-year should know about Hogwarts

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If you’d like to see what the diadem’s supposed to look like, I could take you up to our common room and show you, Harry? Ravenclaw’s wearing it in her statue.

Cho Chang
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The lost diadem

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Ravenclaw common room

The deserted Ravenclaw common room was a wide, circular room, airier than any Harry had ever seen at Hogwarts.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

By J.K. Rowling