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The Whomping Willow

Lupin as a werewolf with Harry Ron Sirius by the Whomping Willow

A rather violent tree, planted in the Hogwarts grounds

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They planted the Whomping Willow the same year that I arrived at Hogwarts. People used to play a game, trying to get near enough to touch the trunk.

Remus Lupin
Ford Anglia crashing into the Whomping Willow

A catastrophic collision

‘MIND THAT TREE!’ Harry bellowed, lunging for the steering wheel, but too late –


With an ear-splitting bang of metal on wood...


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

By J.K. Rowling

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Just been showing Professor Sprout the right way to doctor a Whomping Willow!

Gilderoy Lockhart
Ron being dragged into the Whomping Willow with Harry and Hermione watcing

Ron is dragged away

Hogwarts castle and the Whomping Wilow

The Whomping Willow

Harry in the lake with the Merpeople in the Second Task.

The Great Lake

By J.K. Rowling

A hooded figure crosses the Hogwarts grounds

The hooded figure

The Whomping Willow fact file

Magical properties

Sentience; can attack people


To protect the entrance of the Shrieking Shack