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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Patronus?

A Patronus is an ethereal guardian or protector, taking the form of an animal. To find out more, you can read our article on the Patronus charm Patronus charm. If you would like to discover your Patronus you can do so here.

I do not like my Patronus, can I change it?

Once you have your Patronus, you cannot change it. Remember, your Patronus is rarely what you might expect.

How do I tell people about my Patronus?

You can share your Patronus to social media from within the experience.

Why can't I access the Patronus experience?

If you do not meet our age requirements, you cannot register and therefore will not be able to take the Patronus quiz. It is important for us to protect the privacy and data of all users, and some of our services are now subject to age restrictions. Please see our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy & Cookies Policy for the rules around registration.

How many different Patronuses are there?

In the Patronus experience on Pottermore, there are many possible Patronuses based on animals both familiar and magical

The Patronus test isn't working properly on my device, what should I do?

The Patronus experience works best on the latest browser versions on newer smartphone, tablet, desktop and laptop devices. If you’re having issues accessing the experience it may mean your hardware or software doesn’t support the technology used. To ensure you can discover your Patronus on older devices go to the less high definition version of the experience, if you’re still experiencing issues please try the static version of the experience.

What is Ilvermorny?

Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the North American school of magic. You can find out more about Ilvermorny in the writing by J.K. Rowling.

Can I get sorted in to an Ilvermorny house?

Yes, there is a sorting quiz written by J.K. Rowling for Ilvermorny on which you can take here. We recommend reading the writing by J.K. Rowling, 'Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry', first though!

Which school's house colours show in my Profile?

If you have been sorted in to houses for both Hogwarts and Ilvermorny, you can choose which school's house colours show in your main profile page by clicking the button 'Use my Hogwarts theme' or 'Use my Ilvermorny theme'.

Can I reclaim my house and wand from my old account?

You can. On your Profile page, click "Been sorted already? Reclaim your house". You will need to remember and enter your old username. Please note, once you have reclaimed your old house and wand, they remain yours forever.

See our handy visual guide to help you through.

How do I find my old username?

Your old username is on your original registration email confirmation and your Pottermore Certificate, if you can’t find it, please email us at from the email address you originally registered. Please allow five minutes to receive your reminder.

Why do you need usernames for old accounts to reclaim house and wand information?

We take personal information very seriously, and we did not want to use email addresses to migrate user information from the old Pottermore. For this reason, as a feature, we let users enter usernames to see information from the past. Don’t forget – you will never be able to change your old house and wand – why not try getting sorted again here?

What do I do if I have multiple old Pottermore usernames?

Choose the Pottermore username you wish to reclaim. Then follow the 'Reclaim' option once you've registered. All the information you need on being sorted is in our handy visual guide.

I can’t reclaim my house and wand using my old username – why?

Not all usernames are available for the 'Reclaim' feature. If yours is not, please click here to be sorted.

If I haven’t previously registered, how do I get my House and Wand?

Please try the Sorting Ceremony and be chosen by your wand here, We hope you enjoy it!

See our handy visual guide to help you through.

Can I change my house and wand?

No, once you have your house and wand on your profile, you cannot change them. This is the case whether you reclaimed your old house and wand, or if you have just been sorted.

Can I keep my house but change my wand (or vice versa)?

The wand chooses you, and only the Sorting Hat knows which Hogwarts house you belong to – and they know best! So unfortunately, they cannot be customized or mixed and matched.

'I've been sorted into a different Hogwarts house from the one I was sorted into on the old Pottermore – why is this?

Perhaps some of your opinions on a few matters have changed since you were last sorted! Or maybe the beautiful illustrations made you answer differently this time...

Is my profile on Pottermore public?

No, all profiles on Pottermore are private, and your wizarding identity is for your eyes only!