33 excuses to watch a Harry Potter movie marathon

By the Pottermore team

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need an excuse for a Harry Potter movie marathon.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2

Sadly, adulthood means we can’t take a duvet day to watch them at the drop of a hat. But we’ve created a list of good reasons to go for it.

  1. It’s been at least a month since your last one.
  2. It’s raining.
  3. You left the house yesterday and see no reason why you should do it again today.
  4. You found a bruise on your arm and it looks a bit like the Dark Mark.
  5. It’s your birthday.
  6. It’s your friend’s birthday.
  7. It’s your cat’s birthday.
  8. You’ve tried to make your own Butterbeer.
  9. You’re still recovering from trying to make your own Butterbeer.
  10. You were doing the washing up and found yourself pondering the emotional range of a teaspoon.
  11. You found a single sock and it reminded you of Dobby.
    Dobby clicking his fingers to cast a spell
    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  12. You had a cup of tea and thought you saw the Grim.
  13. You have a tonne of work you should actually be doing.
  14. A colleague was wearing a particularly festive jumper and you immediately thought of the Weasleys.
  15. You bought some Sherbet Lemons.
  16. It occurred to you that your boss is ‘such a Slytherin’ and you just had to check.
  17. You’re convinced there’s a Nargle infestation outside and have decided to ride it out.
  18. It’s 31 July.
  19. You thought you saw a ghost.
    Guests dancing at Nearly Headless Nick's deathday party
    © JKR/Pottermore Ltd. ™ Warner Bros.
  20. You saw a ginger cat / rat / black dog / massive stag / werewolf on the way home (delete as appropriate).
  21. The weather’s turned. Who needs to go outside anyway?
  22. You think you heard an owl… or a pigeon… but let’s call it an owl.
  23. You didn’t get your Hogwarts letter through the post, AGAIN.
  24. You’ve been humming ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ for weeks and this is the only known cure.
    Hedwig in the forest
    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  25. You’re trying to pinpoint the exact moment Neville Longbottom got hot.
  26. You accidentally cut yourself shaving and the scar was nowhere near as cool as Harry’s.
  27. You’re skint – in Muggle money, at least.
  28. You told everyone you’ve been training for a marathon and this is the safest option.
  29. Someone who you thought was a friend says they’ve never seen the movies.
  30. You’re convinced someone hexed you with Petrificus Totalus when you sat down to ‘just watch the first film’.
  31. You almost know all the words to all the films but you reckon one more viewing will perfect it.
  32. You just had the commute from hell and wished you had a flying Ford Anglia.
  33. OR MAYBE you’re just an unabashed Harry Potter fan and will be forever.
    Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone