Working with the likes of Mandrakes, Professor Sprout has to be made of tough stuff, and her clothing is no exception.

Pomona Sprout in her greenhouse from the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Extracted from Harry Potter: The Character Vault by Jody Revenson

Herbology Professor Pomona Sprout’s wardrobe for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is as organic as her subject matter. Dressed in a palette of earth tones, leafy shapes are used as accents on her robes: greenery seems to grow from her cuffs and cape-like collar. The witch’s hat she wears in the greenhouse is constructed in a burlap-style material, and ‘sprouts’ leaves from the tip.

As she works with plants such as Mandrakes and Venomous Tentacula leaves, she wears a pair of thick, beat-up gloves, bolstered with twine, and, of course, sports a large pair of ear muffs. Sprout’s outfit appeared more utilitarian in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. She wears a pair of thick blue overalls and a checkered shirt beneath her robe, which resembles a late eighteenth-century smock-coat. Smock-coats, featuring the characteristic pleats called ‘tubes’, were used primarily by agricultural workers, as they provided both warmth and elasticity.

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Extracted from
'Harry Potter: The Character Vault'