Andrew Lincoln discovers his Hogwarts house and Patronus

Andrew Lincoln talking about Quidditch Through the Ages
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The narrator of Quidditch Through the Ages tried out Pottermore’s Sorting and Patronus experiences. Here’s what he got.

When Andrew Lincoln signed up to narrate the audiobook of Quidditch Through the Ages we doubt he anticipated the nerves and excitement of undergoing Pottermore’s Sorting and Patronus experiences. Well, he’s Wizarding World™ family now – so it’s only fair he gets properly initiated.

As well as finding out his Hogwarts house, he also discovered which magical animal guardian he would have if he really could cast Expecto Patronum – the famous defensive charm that Harry learnt to protect himself against Dementors.

So, first thing’s first – which house is Andrew Lincoln in? Drum roll...

Surprised? Us neither.

And as for his trusty Patronus, look no further:

Did you guess it? Get close?

You can pick up Quidditch Through the Ages, narrated by Andrew Lincoln, from the Pottermore shop and Audible.

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