The best fan reactions to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Waterstones midnight Cursed Child launch
A stack of brand new Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script books.

At one minute past midnight, quite a lot of people opened a new Harry Potter book for the first time. Suffice to say, they got a little bit excited.

Please beware of mild spoilers!

It’s been a magical 24 hours for people who rather enjoy Harry Potter. And for some, that magic is only just beginning. In London, bewitched fans made their way out of the Palace Theatre in their scores, having just witnessed opening night of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Meanwhile, all over the world, millions of trembling fingers finally turned the first page of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script book, after months of patient waiting.

And so, as everyone finally explores the eighth story in so many different ways, we thought we’d have a snoop on Twitter to see how people are handling it. The result?

No one is keeping their cool.

First of all, people started freaking out before they’d even finished reading the title.

Or couldn’t even handle the book being in the same house as them.

Quite a lot of people were just enjoying holding them, really.

Some needed a moment to glide down memory lane before starting Harry’s brand new adventure.

And some made new friends by just buying the book!

Those who had grown up with the books suddenly realised that they too had grown up.

Some people were far too emotional to even open Cursed Child

Thankfully, a lot of people did.

It wasn’t long before people were digging Jack Thorne’s writing.

A lot of people read it out with their friends like proper actors.

And there was a lot of love for the new characters as well as our old favourites.

It wasn’t long before people were picking their favourite quotes.

And feeling a lot of feelings...

And, yes, naturally, lots of people have finished it already.

Although some are probably pretty sleep deprived.

So all in all, we think it’s fair to say people quite enjoyed it.

And for many more, the journey is only just beginning.

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