How movement director Steven Hoggett choreographed the cast of Cursed Child

Steven Hoggett, movement director of Cursed Child, talks about choreographing the cast.

Acting in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child isn’t just about learning the lines, but also a huge physical challenge, as movement director Steven Hoggett explained to us.

We always thought being a wizard would be a walk in the park, but according to Olivier-Award winning movement director Steven Hoggett, it’s more like a rigorous workout every day for the cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Having worked in theatre choreography for over ten years, as well as sharing a long-term collaboration with director John Tiffany, Steven knows all about putting actors through their paces. With the play now officially open at the Palace Theatre, Steven chatted to Pottermore from the rehearsal space on how he enables the cast to remain in tip-top condition.

‘We’re not relying on big technological wizardry, so there’s a lot of work where the company are very hands on,’ Steven explained.

With a lot of the actors taking on multiple responsibilities, as you’ll see in the video, Steven said that their roles are so much more than what an audience will see on the stage.

‘There’s things they’ll never be given credit for, and it requires tons of energy and tons of stamina.’

‘So yeah, we’re being a bit cruel and punishing on them right now, but it’s all for a good cause!’ Steven smiled.

See the Cursed Child cast sweat it out behind the scenes here.