Designer reveals how she colour-coded the new Pottermore

By the Pottermore Team

Hagrid Screen

Pottermore from J.K. Rowling has changed and every detail has been meticulously planned.

One of the more fascinating elements of the redesign is the colour scheme for every character, location, spell and object page. Like so much of the wizarding world, every colour choice was informed by symbolism and meaning.

The Pottermore Correspondent caught up with design director Johanna Drewe to find out exactly how she made all of those decisions. Why is Dumbledore lavender? What is ‘Muggle Biege’? How do you go about doing Harry Potter’s page?

Here’s just one of the explanations... This time for Rubeus Hagrid.

Why’s Hagrid that orangey-red colour?
Because it’s the colour of love and Hagrid has a heart the size of the sun. Okay, fine. That’s not the real answer.

‘Hagrid’s name is derived from Alchemy, meaning red or passion, as written by J.K. Rowling,’ says Johanna. ‘So it made sense to attribute a red palette to him. The tone we picked was based on red then pushed to create a warmer, earthier tone, reflective of the character and the role he plays as gamekeeper at Hogwarts.’

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Colours of pottermore

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