Giant LEGO Nifflers have been let loose around the UK

LEGO Nifflers in London

Two Nifflers were spotted outside the Tower of London and you just know they were after the Crown Jewels.

If you've got any gold on you, beware: Nifflers have been spotted around the UK and we all know how that can end...

Thankfully, these particular Nifflers haven't escaped from Newt's suitcase. In fact, they're made out of LEGO bricks. To celebrate the release of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, LEGO have created brick-built Nifflers and they've been travelling around the UK.

The Nifflers have been made out over more than 11,000 LEGO bricks and it took over 60 hours to build them. They weigh a hefty 30kg, too, and sit at over 75cm tall. Can you imagine the absolute chaos a living, breathing Niffler that size could cause? It's almost too much to think about!

However, the LEGO Nifflers still have a taste for treasure: two of them were spotted in London's jewellery district in Hatton Garden, while there were also reports of two creatures roaming around outside the Tower of London. What's more, Nifflers were seen in Edinburgh and Cardiff, too.

‘We wanted to inject some LEGO magic into the hearts of Wizarding World fans across the country, and what better way to celebrate the creativity and fun of LEGO bricks than to create mischievous Nifflers in brick form,’ said Rory Unwin, Brand Manager for LEGO Wizarding World. ‘The reaction from the public has been fantastic, up and down the country – and we hope Wizarding World fans enjoy seeing them as much as we did building them!’

Given where these LEGO Nifflers have been spotted, it's probably worth giving them a shake to see what treasures they’ve managed to get hold of – though it might take a few of you.

Which other beasts are you most excited about seeing in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald? The film is out today!