The Graphic Art of the Harry Potter Films exhibition opens

The Pottermore Correspondent

Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima designed some of your favourite pieces of Harry Potter’s world.

The Daily Prophet? They designed it. The Howler? All them. The Hogwarts Express ticket on platform nine and three-quarters? You guessed it.

It helps, of course, that Eduardo and Mira sound like J.K. Rowling could have named them. Together, Mira and Eduardo run the graphic design company MinaLima and they were responsible for the signs, posters, letters, packets, papers, maps and more in the Harry Potter films. They’re currently working on a little movie called Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but more on that later.

Today an exhibition of their work on the Harry Potter films opens at The Coningsby Gallery in Soho, London until 19 December. Mira and Eduardo are so excited about it that they practically whisper when we speak.

Edwardo tells me there are nearly 90 prints in this exhibition. ‘We are doing it chronologically, by book. So we start with the letter and the ticket...’

‘It gets very busy by the sixth book. It’s just all over the place,’ says Mira.

‘And we have a selection of authentic props, too,’ Eduardo adds.

‘It was so nice of them to let us do that,’ says Mira, meaning the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, which have lent them some of the props they designed for the films, to show at the exhibition. They’ll be carefully placed on display in cabinets throughout the gallery space.

MinaLima exhibition images

One of the charming things about Mira and Eduardo is how they finish each other’s sentences. They never properly interrupt one another though; it’s more that they’re on the same train of thought. That’s how they work together, too, they tell me. It’s so collaborative they can never really tell who did what and when.

Eduardo says, ‘We are basically two bodies and one brain.’

‘Er, gross,’ says Mira.

‘No, well we can’t really say now that one person designed one thing and one did the other, can we?’

‘That’s true,’ Mira adds. ‘We might say “Oh, can you do this bit for me?” or I might draw on something he’s started. But yes, you’re right. That’s how we are.’

Their team has coordinated the exhibition, but Eduardo and Mira have personally arranged all their designs in the space. I’m most looking forward to seeing the installation of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts acceptance letters fluttering from the top of a skylight in the gallery as though owls have been trying to get hold of him there.

Last time Mina Lima did an exhibition of their work, they had 10,000 people through in a fortnight. This time, who knows how many will show. Maybe a Harry Potter actor or two might turn up…

The Graphic Art of the Harry Potter Films exhibition is open 30 November – 19 December, at The Coningsby Gallery, London. Entry is free, check the gallery website for opening times.

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