Harry Potter comes to LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions: Harry Potter Team Pack

Harry Potter has been transformed into LEGO once again, and this time, he’s joined by some very unlikely friends.

LEGO Dimensions, the mash-up game that brings together many iconic fictional characters in one huge LEGO multiverse, is today releasing a brand new batch of worlds and characters in its latest collection of packs – including Harry Potter!

Hagrid in Hogsmeade in LEGO Dimensions

We’ve had LEGO Harry Potter games before, but in LEGO Dimensions the Harry Potter Team Pack is taking things to a whole new level. Yep, starting today, fans can visit Harry in the LEGO multiverse, with playable minifigures of Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort, alongside the flying Ford Anglia and Hogwarts Express, both of which you can build and ride about in.

Harry’s world joins a number of new expansion packs launched today, from Ghostbusters and Adventure Time to Mission: Impossible. When it comes to the Harry Potter Team Pack, players can unlock Harry Potter’s very cool-looking Adventure World, which includes new locations based in Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley.

As for the gameplay itself, you can fly Harry around on his little LEGO broom, cast an assortment of familiar spells and even produce a Patronus… (Ex-LEGO Patronum, anyone?) If you prefer the darker side of things, LEGO Lord Voldemort is playable too, with a selection of slightly more evil options.

But, of course, the joy of LEGO Dimensions is putting your favourite characters in situations you never thought you would ever see them in. As seen above, you could theoretically make Harry hang around Chinatown from the Ghostbusters Story Pack, while standing outside the TARDIS from Doctor Who. Owners of the Back to the Future Level Pack could watch Harry ride round in Doc Brown’s DeLorean, if they fancied. Because why not?

The Harry Potter Team Pack for LEGO DIMENSIONS

Alongside the many mash-up possibilities, you can also unlock a new Battle Arena inspired by the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch.

You’ll be able to potter about (yep!) in Diagon Alley, and even go and visit a LEGO-fied Fred and George in Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.

Have a gander at some more amazing moments from the game here.


The wizarding world will soon have another chance to get a brick-ified makeover too. On 18 November, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will also be coming to the LEGO Dimensions multiverse with a new Story Pack and Fun Pack.

Players will be given a chance to play through six action-packed levels of the Fantastic Beasts film, as well as meet up with new playable characters Newt Scamander and Tina Goldstein, who come complete with a lovely Niffler and Swooping Evil. There will even be the opportunity to cast actual spells, including Diffindo, Reparo and Lumos, and interact with new creatures from the film, like the Bowtruckle.

Here's an exclusive glimpse...

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them LEGO DIMENSIONS

Those who get their hands on both packs could even introduce Harry Potter to Newt Scamander, blending two different eras of the wizarding world. Oh, the power.

Just when you thought Harry Potter couldn’t get any more magical...

The Harry Potter Team Pack for LEGO Dimensions is released today. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Story Pack for LEGO Dimensions is coming soon, on 18 November.