Harry Potter Film Concert Series UK Tour: Interview with Justin Freer

Justin Freer, the conductor and founder of CineConcerts. Photo by Jordan August

The Harry Potter Film Concert Series, a new global concert tour celebrating the Harry Potter films, was announced earlier this year. As the tour comes to the UK, CineConcerts founder Justin Freer told us what to expect…

We all enjoy popping back to Hogwarts every now and then, and next year, we'll have the incredible opportunity to watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone In Concert.

The idea is conceived by CineConcerts, who tour classic films and set them to a live symphony orchestra. The Harry Potter Film Concert Series is just one of these tours, and has already had success across the pond touring the first film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

This global tour is now arriving in the UK, and in anticipation for its UK leg, Pottermore caught up with Justin Freer, CineConcerts founder and conductor.

‘It’s really exciting to come to London with this [tour] and then the rest of the UK,’ Justin Freer told us, who is both the conductor of the Film Concert series, as well as Founder and President of CineConcerts.

‘Now we can share this special experience with the UK audiences. Because of course, with J.K. Rowling and where it was filmed, and the background of the story itself, [parts of] the story are set in London itself.’

CineConcerts will be debuting their first orchestra-led screening in the UK at the esteemed Royal Albert Hall in London.

The shows will feature Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on a whopping 40 foot screen, while a live orchestra and chorus performs John William’s unforgettable score. Can your emotions handle a live version of Hedwig's Theme?

Harry holds Hedwig on his arm in Hogwarts courtyard
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

‘There’s nowhere else in the world now where you can see these movies presented with 90 live musicians breathing musical life into the film in a way that’s never been done before.’

Justin admitted he was ‘humbled’ to take on the music of the man behind the themes for Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and, obviously, Harry Potter.

‘I think that John Williams is one of the great geniuses of all music, not just film,’ Justin enthused. ‘He’s a monolithic giant in our craft, in our art-form, and he’s given us such memorable melodies. Between J.K. [Rowling’s] creations and John’s creations, what a wonderful marriage.’

With so many great moments from the first movie, we had to ask Justin what he found the most fun to perform.

‘I adore the Quidditch match. There’s just so much adventure, and soulful spirit, intrigue, suspense, there’s almost every emotion you can feel,’ said Justin.

After Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is done, the tour will take on the next seven Harry Potter movies too. So, Justin's going to be rather busy then.

‘The plan is to unfold all eight movies in this very uniquely fun musical and visual way,’ Justin explained.

‘At the end of the day, if we’ve cultivated one more fan of music, or one more fan of film, or one more fan of Harry Potter, I think we’ve succeeded as entertainers on the stage,’ he added. That’s why we do this.’

We couldn’t agree more.

The tour takes place next year, commencing 12 May, and will travel from the London Royal Albert Hall to Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Glasgow, with tickets ranging from £25 - £65. For tickets, go here.