Harry Potter: The Exhibition now open in Germany

The Phelps twins at the Harry Potter Exhibition.
Harry Potter: The Exhibition

This travelling celebration of the Harry Potter films has been enchanting fans all over the world since 2009. Now, Harry Potter: The Exhibition comes to Berlin.

Last weekend saw the opening of Harry Potter: The Exhibition in Berlin; the travelling showcase which proudly displays the costumes, props and craftmanship of all eight Harry Potter films.

The exhibition is nearly ten years old now, having travelled to New York, Singapore and Sydney in the past – to name just a few. This time, the exhibition has come to Berlin, and was opened over the weekend by James and Oliver Phelps, AKA the Weasley twins, who spoke of ‘the new generation’ of Harry Potter fans that have now sprung up to enjoy the magic of the films anew.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition
Harry Potter: The Exhibition

After all, let’s not forget that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the film, came out around 17 years ago now. We feel older than Ron Weasley’s dress robes.

Speaking of robes, fans visiting the exhibition can expect to see many of the iconic costumes on display – and, for the first time, three costumes from the award-winning play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child too.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition Quaffle throwing
Harry Potter: The Exhibition

Fans can also visit their favourite movie locations, from Hagrid’s Hut to the Gryffindor common room. There are also many wizarding activities to enjoy, such as Quaffle throwing, pulling Mandrakes and even have the great honour of sitting in Hagrid’s giant armchair.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition is open now at Caligari Halle, with tickets still available. The exhibition is open until 10 March, 2019.