How is the Hogwarts League faring ahead of Sport Relief week?

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Find out which Hogwarts house is topping the Hogwarts League as we gear up for the Sport Relief Billion Step Challenge.

The Hogwarts League has been running for a few weeks now and Harry Potter fans have been frantically walking all over the place in an attempt to get their house to the top of the league before 23 March.

So how’s it going so far? We spoke to Nicole Masters, head of brand and comms from the Sport Relief Leadership Team. Are you ready to hear who’s in the lead? Drum roll, please…

‘Hogwarts is the biggest league on the app with almost 25,000 participants, having taken over 1.5 billion steps between them since the launch of the league,’ she tells us.

‘As you’d expect, brave Gryffindors are storming ahead – with an average step count of 92,615, followed by Hufflepuff with 84,512, Ravenclaw 82,245 and then Slytherin with 78,767.’

Go Gryffindor! We have to admit that’s impressive. If you’ve been taking part, give yourself a pat on the back! But don’t put your feet up yet…

‘The campaign is going well, we’ve been steadily gaining numbers on the app and the nation’s steps have been increasing, bar the odd lazy Sunday,’ Masters reveals. ‘But there is no room for complacency – we need every single Hogwarts step to reach our ambitious goal of a billion steps a day during the week of the 17 to 23 March. And that includes the weekends – so no Sunday lie-ins, Slytherins! It’s also important to open the app at the end of the day to make sure all your steps that day count towards the total.’

Harry Potter UK audiobook narrator Stephen Fry has been joining in as well. Here’s his special Sport Relief message:

As you can see, Stephen is stepping for Slytherin – the house he was sorted into by Pottermore’s Sorting Experience… even though he once said J.K. Rowling told him he was a Hufflepuff. But hey, the Sorting Hat is never wrong, and he seems cool with it. (He should do some more walking though, as his house is trailing at the moment…)

The steps aren’t the only thing happening on the Sport Relief app: there are also Quidditch Challenges. The first is called ‘100 Quidditch Pitches’, and it challenges you to walk the equivalent distance of 100 Quidditch pitches (because naturally it would be a little tough to fly that on a broomstick). This measures out at 500ft by 100 pitches, or roughly 9.5 miles. So far almost 7,000 people have taken on this challenge.

The second challenge, which has attracted 2,500 participants, is ‘The Annual Broom Race of Sweden’, which is a famous wizarding world event. Flyers race from Kopparberg to Arjeplog, which is slightly over 300 miles. Fancy a go at this yourself? On foot, of course. Otherwise there would be no steps. You can get all the info and download the app at

Outside of the app, there are other Sport Relief events happening across the country – including some drama, as DJ and TV presenter Greg James has had to postpone his ‘Pedal to the Peaks’ challenge because of the Beast from the East (‘And we don’t mean Viktor Krum,’ adds Masters). We wish Greg luck as he attempts to complete the challenge today.

You can watch Sport Relief on the BBC on the evening of 23 March to see what else has been going on.

But in the meantime, you can support the challenge along with so many other Harry Potter fans: ‘With their commitment to their houses, I’m sure they will rise to the challenge,’ says Masters. Don’t forget to get your shoes on and sign up here.

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