Introducing the Hogwarts Experience on Pottermore

The entrance view to the Hogwarts Experience
© JKR/Pottermore Ltd.™ Warner Bros.

Pottermore has launched a new interactive Hogwarts experience, inviting you to explore a digital version of the castle and grounds.

Today marks the day when Harry and his fellow students would return to Hogwarts for a brand new term and, to celebrate, Pottermore is inviting you to visit Hogwarts castle, the Forbidden Forest and the Quidditch pitch in a new virtual journey.

Once you’ve glided across the lake, the experience launches you into the castle and its grounds, where you are free to look around and see what you can find.

Hagrid's Hut, featured in the Forbidden Forest in the Hogwarts Experience
© JKR/Pottermore Ltd.™ Warner Bros.

From Professor Sprout’s greenhouses to Hagrid’s hut, the experience features many iconic details from the beloved wizarding school, which you can learn about and investigate at your own pace. Here’s a look to see what’s in store. (Sadly, no grumbling Argus Filch is included in this experience. Maybe he’s popped out for his Kwikspell course.)

As you traverse the castle, the Forest and the Quidditch pitch, you’ll notice golden hotspots dotted around the experience. Click on a hotspot, and learn a little more about significant events that happened at Hogwarts during the Harry Potter books, fun facts about the school and some of our favourite book quotes. There are 100 to discover, so see if you can find them all and race your mates.

As well as today being the first day of the Hogwarts term, it also marks the exact date of the ‘Nineteen Years Later’  Deathly Hallows epilogue in which readers saw a grown-up Harry, Ron and Hermione seeing off their children as the kids boarded the Hogwarts Express. What better way to celebrate such a significant day than having a casual roam around the castle yourself?

The Hogwarts Experience is open to registered users on Pottermore, and is available on most smartphones, tablets and computers.

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