Miraphora Mina discusses limited edition Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts prints

House of MinaLima exhibition, close up of New York Ghost.
A closer look at The New York Ghost, as designed by MinaLima.

Graphic designer Miraphora Mina, one half of the design duo MinaLima, took Pottermore through some limited edition prints from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films.

It’s been a year since the House of MinaLima, the gallery and shop run by graphic design duo MinaLima, opened in London, showcasing the many different pieces in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films they worked on. Now a collection of limited edition prints is available, showing off some of the clever details from the films – from newspaper covers to pages from Hogwarts textbooks to a detailed graphic of the famous Weasley clock.

Miraphora Mina, one half of the graphic design duo along with Eduardo Lima, explained the story behind the prints to Pottermore and talked about celebrating those ‘little details’.


Many of the prints featured in the limited edition collection are all about wizarding journalism, focusing on fictional newspapers the Daily Prophet, from Harry Potter, and the New York Ghost, from the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. There is even a 1920s style advert for wizarding drink, Gigglewater, that animates in the film. Mira notes that the team always focus on small ‘threads that connect’ to help make the wizarding world as realistic as possible.

While the headlines of newspapers may be mentioned in film scripts, Mira told us that the art team have a lot of fun coming up with some of the smaller news stories on the front pages themselves, as well as small adverts for fictional wizarding products. So, how was it being wizarding journalists?

‘We usually have a brainstorm with the art department and throw in ideas,’ Mira explained. ‘So often you’ll see references to friends and family!’

In every print, the small nuances are crucial to MinaLima’s work, from the small cherub heads on the Weasley clock, to the mysterious symbols emitting from a cauldron sketch. As Mira says, it’s these details that are everything to both the designers and the fans.

‘People say, “Oh, why are you bothering? No one will see that,”’ Mira said. ‘But of course we know people will. And it’s humbling that people examine your work. It takes it a bit longer, but detail is our passion.’

You can find out more about MinaLima’s selected prints at the MinaLima shop.