New limited edition signed posters now available from the Pottermore Art Collection

A collection of limited edition prints from Andy Singleton
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Artist Andy Singleton speaks to Pottermore about his unique interpretations of magical creatures, which are now available as limited edition signed posters.

From today, 200 limited edition signed posters featuring the work of Andy Singleton go on sale at the Pottermore Shop. Andy’s pieces celebrate the magical creatures from the textbook Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, recreated as photographed paper sculptures, created especially for Pottermore.

For a limited time only, 50 posters each of the Thunderbird, the Thestral, the Hippogriff and the unicorn will be available, signed by the artist himself, along with a certificate of authentication. Andy spoke to Pottermore about his work and the inspirations behind these pieces.


‘I have been working with paper to create artworks for over 12 years,’ Andy says. ‘The unique thing about the Pottermore project was that I was given a lot of freedom to create the works, which really resulted in something special.’

As well as creating the magical creatures themselves, Andy also builds ‘scenes’ for each beast, based on their behaviour or habitat. For example, Andy’s Thestral is surrounded by spooky trees, most likely referencing the Forbidden Forest. You can take a look at Andy’s process right here.

Although Andy used the Harry Potter books and Fantastic Beasts to help create his interpretations, he looked at other art too.

‘My inspiration came initially from J.K. Rowling’s descriptions, but I did occasionally take inspiration from other artworks,’ he explains. ‘For example, the Thestral had elements that were inspired by the Alien created by H.R. Giger, an artist renowned for creating very dark imagery. I’m probably most proud of the Thestral as I really think I captured its character.’

Although Andy was already a fan of the Harry Potter films before starting the project, spending so much time learning about the fascinating magical creatures has made him crave a book-reading binge.

‘I really gained a deeper appreciation of the characters and creativity behind them the more I researched for the project,’ Andy says.

You can see more of Andy’s work in Pottermore’s Care of Magical Creature series, which featured creatures of the Forbidden Forest, winged horses, unconventional pets, and the six new beasts that were added to the textbook this year.

50 posters will be available for four of Andy’s designs: the Thestral, the Hippogriff, the unicorn and the Thunderbird. The posters will be available in the UK and in 27 other EU countries from the Pottermore Shop.