Video: Evanna Lynch on life after Luna Lovegood

COHP Evanna Lynch interview still

Watch Pottermore’s interview with Evanna Lynch and find out if the Harry Potter actress belongs to the same Hogwarts house as her character, Luna Lovegood.

We sat down with actress and Harry Potter superfan Evanna Lynch to talk about what the series means to her.

‘They just feel so much like friends for me,’ Evanna said when asked why she feels readers keep coming back to the Harry Potter books. ‘Other books feel like I’m getting a little peek into your life, but somehow, the way Jo writes them, they just feel like friends.’

Evanna was every bit as animated as her wizarding world counterpart, and before we said our goodbyes we just had to see which house she belonged to. Do you think Evanna was sorted into Ravenclaw, like Luna, or did she end up elsewhere?

Watch our full interview with Evanna to find out:

We hope you’ve enjoyed watching some of the Harry Potter actors being sorted this week on Pottermore. You can watch a compilation video of Rupert, Bonnie, Matthew and Evanna being sorted here:

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