Warner Bros. Studio Tour London announce magical new Forbidden Forest attraction

Concept art for the Forbidden Forest attraction at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.

It might be called the Forbidden Forest, but soon it will be very much open for visitors.

Merlin’s beard, this is great. We thought Warner Bros. Studio Tour London was already magnificent, with all its props, costumes, sets and behind-the-scenes secrets. Now they’ve gone and announced something that will make the whole experience even better.

As revealed on stage at A Celebration of Harry Potter, visitors to Warner Bros. Studio Tour will soon be able to walk into the Forbidden Forest. Yes, that’s right, actually, literally, into it.

From the 31 March 2017, the Studio Tour will expand to include the set of the Forbidden Forest, filled with magical props and costumes. The space has been designed by legendary production designer Stuart Craig, who has been nominated for yet another Oscar for his work on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, as well as construction designer Paul Hayes, BAFTA-winning creature and makeup effects designer Nick Dudman and BAFTA winning special effects supervisor John Richardson. These are the people who made the magic on the Harry Potter films, so they know exactly how to make a Forbidden Forest that’s fascinating, magical and mildly terrifying.

At the very start of the Forbidden Forest, visitors will be greeted by one of Rubeus Hagrid’s original costumes – and one of the lanterns he used to light the way on one of his many adventures into the Forbidden Forest. Inside, you’ll meet a full-size model of Buckbeak and be able to, of course, bow courteously to him. Further along the path – which is surrounded by 19 majestic trees, each of which has a diameter of 12 feet – you’ll bump into Aragog. All 18ft of him. Here’s hoping you don’t feel the same way Ron Weasley does about spiders… especially very big ones.

Inside the Creature Effects workshop at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.
A sneak peek inside the Creature Effects workshop at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.

As if that’s not enough, you’ll also be able to control the weather inside the Forbidden Forest to see how the makers made the space so very atmospheric. It sounds like a truly spectacular experience – worth going to the Studio Tour to see, whether it’s your first or the tenth time going.

Tickets to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London are available online here. The Forbidden Forest expansion will be available to visit from 31 March 2017.

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