Video: Behind the scenes at the House of MinaLima exhibition

The Pottermore Correspondent

House of MinaLima Exhibition Mira and Edwardo sitting on the stairs
L-R, graphic designers Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima. © JKR/Pottermore Ltd. ™ Warner Bros.

The graphic designs from the Harry Potter films, all in one magical place – ‘House of MinaLima’ is now officially open and ready for visitors.

Graphic designers Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima have been painting the walls of number 26, Greek Street and lining them with as many Harry Potter designs as they can take.

They’ve been unpacking prints, screwing in light bulbs, lathering window-frames in paint, hoisting signs up, pasting posters to walls, overseeing construction, holding scaffolding and eating pizza cross-legged on the floor with their delightful team.

It’s been a huge job, making the space as bold and ethereal as it is now. When the crew first arrived at this ramshackle cottage in the centre of London’s West End, it was spattered in Cadbury Creme Egg paraphernalia and featured an adult-size ball pit. Weeks later, it’s got a room-size Marauder’s Map, enough prints to fill a wizarding press room, designs that were found in Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes and a library with Hogwarts acceptance letters shooting from the fireplace.

Pottermore was there to get the transformation on film. Here’s all the behind-the-scenes action from the making of ‘House of MinaLima’, starring Mira and Eduardo themselves.

If you’re able to get to London while the exhibition is open, you may just meet Mira and Eduardo; they’re always popping by – they can’t stay away. Even better, they have endless stories about their days designing the books, papers, posters, letters and signs for the Harry Potter films.

Like the time Helena Bonham Carter dropped by their office in full Bellatrix Lestrange costume to talk about typography. Or the time two identical Weasleys, James and Oliver Phelps, turned up unannounced to support their first exhibition. Or the time J.K. Rowling dropped by for a visit.

Between them, Mira and Eduardo are responsible for the look of every Wanted poster, every copy of The Daily Prophet and every textbook on the Hogwarts syllabus. They’ve got it all on display, alongside some genuine original props from Warner Bros. Including some of their other works such as their illustrated collective noun prints, it’s the biggest, grandest showing of their work to date and take it from us, it’s seriously magical.

Prints, exercise books and stationery will all be available to purchase on the ground floor of ‘House of MinaLima’ – or from the MinaLima website. Keep an eye out for further announcements about the exhibition and shop.

The 'House of MinaLima' exhibition opens today at 26 Greek Street, London until early 2017. Entry is free and unticketed.

Visit the MinaLima website