Video: Jamie Parker talks about playing Harry Potter in Cursed Child

Jamie Parker
Jamie Parker chats about playing Harry Potter in Cursed Child.

Being cast in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is one thing. Actually playing Harry Potter himself is another.

Jamie Parker is certainly no stranger to the theatre, having worked in huge productions for over a decade, from History Boys to Henry V. Now, however, he’s in the midst of playing perhaps his biggest role to date: Harry Potter himself.

With the play’s Opening Gala last weekend and a further 250,000 tickets released today, Jamie chatted to Pottermore about the excitement of Cursed Child so far, from audience reactions to playing one of the biggest fictional characters of all time.

On portraying Harry as an adult, Jamie mused: ‘To me it is actually quite interesting to hit roundabout the 40 mark of your life, and consider how things affected you profoundly when you were 11 going on 17, and how that is going to come into play into your life as a dad. That’s where the play gets juicy for me.’

Jamie Parker and Poppy Miller
Jamie Parker and Poppy Miller on stage as Harry and Ginny in Cursed Child.

And if playing an incredibly famous wizard wasn’t magical enough, Jamie has also been bewitched by the audience’s reactions to Cursed Child.

‘I’ve never worked on a play where I’ve heard audible gasps from audiences,’ Jamie smiled.

‘[The audience] is desperately hungry to be told this story. They’ve been nothing but wind in our sails from the very get go,’ he said. ‘And it’s a joy.’

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