Exclusive: Fantastic Beasts cast on working with the Harry Potter creative team

Ezra Miller talking about working with David Yates and David Heyman behind the scenes of Fantastic Beasts.

This exclusive clip from the Fantastic Beasts DVD and Blu-ray shows how the cast reacted to working with Harry Potter producer David Heyman and director David Yates.

In this new snippet from behind the scenes of Fantastic Beasts, the cast describe what it was like to work with members of the creative team behind the Harry Potter films.

‘It’s very reassuring when you come on to a film where you’re working with a team where they have tried and tested this territory in the past so successfully’, said actress Carmen Ejogo.

While Fantastic Beasts was a new story set in a whole new era, the production was helmed by two creatives with deep roots in the Wizarding World already: David Heyman and David Yates.

David Heyman produced all eight of the Harry Potter films, while David Yates directed the final four starting with Order of the Phoenix (2007). The two came back to the Wizarding World for Fantastic Beasts, along with Oscar-nominated production designer Stuart Craig, editor Mark Day, and many more.

‘When I first met them they were both so calm, so serene, so settled,’ said Ezra Miller. ‘Essentially, my question was – is this for real?’

Watch the clip to see how this new cast took to working with the Harry Potter team on set.

Fantastic Beasts stars Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Alison Sudol and Dan Fogler. Released worldwide on November 18 2016, the film marked J.K. Rowling’s screenwriting debut. Fantastic Beasts was subsequently nominated for two Oscars, winning Best Costume Design, and five BAFTAs, winning Best Production Design.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is available for digital download in the US today and in the UK on 13 March. The DVD and Blu-ray will be released 27 March in the UK and 28 March in the US.