Fans dress up for Hallowe’en at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

There were plenty of sneaky Slytherins at Warner Bros. Studio Tour this Hallowe'en.

Hallowe’en is a very special night on the Harry Potter calendar. To celebrate, we popped down to the Studio Tour and bumped into a few fans in rather uncanny costumes.

It’s not just any old day at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, it’s the 31 October – this can only mean one thing: the visitors are getting their spook on.

It’s not unusual to embrace your inner Harry Potter character when visiting the tour any day of the year, and the usual hordes of Hogwarts house scarves were out in force. But today, things seemed just a little bit more bewitching.

We had barely left the Great Hall when we spotted an unusual accessory on a nearby visitor. Do people usually have tails? It was soon we realised this was the ingenious fancy-dress outfit of Beverley, AKA Crookshanks.

‘I just wanted to try something a little bit different,’ Beverly told us. ‘Although I did get some funny looks on the train!’

Beverley was feline fine in her Crookshanks costume with a Gryffindor twist

Note the additional Gryffindor scarf addition detail: Crookshanks is definitely an honorary Gryffindor, right?

Now, we’re not saying Slytherins are all evil and therefore make for the perfect Hallowe’en costume, but we did notice that on Hallowe’en there were a few more swaths of green than usual.

Seema, from Australia, was decked out to the nines in her Slytherin garb, (complete with Voldemort’s wand! Come on now!) but defended her house as simply being a fabulous look.

Seema the Slytherin struts her stuff at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

‘You can’t be a Slytherin without your batwing eyeliner!’ she joked. Well, we can’t argue with that.

As we waded through witches’ hats and cascading cloaks, one Hallowe’en outfit we weren’t expecting to find was Professor Sprout. Cosplayer Samantha fancied something a little bit outside the box.

Meera lets loose her inner-Ravenclaw, while Samantha looked blooming lovely as Professor Sprout.

‘I usually go as Umbridge’, she explained. Well, maybe Hallowe’en is scary enough…

Things soon got a little bit darker when Samantha unleashed her Dark Mark tattoo upon us all. Professor Sprout would NEVER… would she?

Samantha unveils her Dark Mark tattoo at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Her friend (and birthday girl!) Meera gave a Halloween-twist to her Ravenclaw blue colours, with a daring lipstick to match. We’re loving it.

Other fans got creative too – with Fiona going for a Professor McGonagall mid-Quidditch match look: a costume that she inventively made herself. 10 points to Gryffindor.

Fiona rocks her home made Professor McGonagall costume at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.

Others gave their traditional Harry Potter outfits a scarier effect. Take Elise and Jade, who gave their uniforms a Battle of Hogwarts makeover, complete with some glistening scars. Lovely!

Elise and Jade in their Battle of Hogwarts homage.

And these aren’t the only ones who’ve been playing dress-up. We asked fans to submit their Hallowe’en creations and tutorials on J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World Youtube channel too. For example, if you're hankering for some Hermione cosplay advice...

From cute little Pygmy Puffs to full-on Dementors, have a gander if you fancy a little inspiration for next time.

Happy Harry-een!

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