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You can now send eBooks and digital audio books as gifts on Pottermore.

This is a promotional feature.

At this time of year, we like to picture Hogwarts in the snow and imagine ourselves on the receiving end of one of Mrs Weasley’s knitted jumpers.

And when it comes to ideas for perfect presents, if you’ve browsed the Pottermore Shop recently, you’ll have seen a covetable collection of eBooks and digital audio books. How about those Pottermore Presents covers by MinaLima, or Olly Moss’s stunning cover art across the Harry Potter series?

But did you know you can now send these eBooks and digital audio books as beautifully wrapped gifts? A gift-wrapped eBook or audio book — erm, how? Have a look at this:

The eBook and digital audio book gifts you purchase will be unwrapped and downloaded on your recipient's computer, phone or tablet (this is not a physical product, it's digital). Simple and gorgeous, we hope you’ll agree.

No matter where in the world you are, or who you want to gift a book to, it couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is visit the Pottermore Shop, select your gift and choose from three wrapping designs. Each one was handcrafted using lino cutting and printing especially for digital products. Which design will it be: plain, snitches or owls? They’re all equally charming.

You can send your gift now or on a future date and include a message too. Depending on how much magic you want to share, you can also send your recipient more than one eBook or digital audio book. If it's audio you're after, you can gift 100 hours of magic with our Harry Potter Audio series, featuring Stephen Fry (or Jim Dale in the US editions).

The first they’ll know about it is when a Pottermore email pops into their inbox, informing them that someone wonderful (you) has sent someone special (them) a gift-wrapped Pottermore treat.

It will await them on Pottermore, where they can unwrap and enjoy their gift at a click (across any of their devices, from an iPhone to a laptop).

So why not head over to the Pottermore Shop to start perusing eBook or digital audio book gifts? Now there’s no need to get your sticky tape in a tangle or search everywhere for your scissors. We’ll take care of your gift wrapping: all you have to do is choose it.

Gift the Magic
Send eBooks and digital audio books as gifts