Celebrate a night of spells with Harry Potter Book Night

Bloomsbury Azkaban Cover image for Book Night

We don’t need much persuading to celebrate Harry Potter, and this year’s Harry Potter Book Night: A Night of Spells is no exception.

It’s time to get your costumes, wands and Butterbeer tankards at the ready, because tonight is Harry Potter Book Night – the one night of the year completely devoted to the Harry Potter books.

Bloomsbury launched the event last year and a staggering 10,500 Potter-themed parties were held across the UK. This year the festivities promise to be even bigger, with countries around the world celebrating the Harry Potter books.

It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate your love of the Harry Potter stories, and to pass the magic on to family or friends who have yet to discover these books.

There are masses of activities to get involved in, so if you’ve ever fancied donning a Minerva McGonagall-esque hat or a flowing Dumbledore beard, now’s your chance.

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