How to register for tickets to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway

Sign announcing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child coming to Broadway
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child hits Broadway.

Cursed Child tickets will soon be on sale in the US as the play prepares to come to New York. Here’s how you can get hold of them.

Good news for American Harry Potter fans: tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’s Broadway run will go on sale soon. Tickets will now go on sale on Wednesday 18 October – however, before you can buy you must register to do so, and you can do this from 1 October to 5 October. Only ticket buyers who register will get a chance to snap up tickets, so if you want to be one of the very first people to see the play in its New York home, make sure you don’t forget these dates.

There’s good news about the ticket prices, too, as more than 300 theatre seats will cost $40 or under per part.

‘From the start of our journey bringing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to the stage, it’s been a priority to get tickets into the hands of fans and theatregoers,’ say the show’s producers, Sonia Friedman and Colin Callender. ‘Every performance at the Lyric Theatre will have 300 seats throughout the theatre at $40 and under per part, with 150 of those seats priced at $20 per part.

‘As in London, where a large percentage of our audience are first-time theatregoers, tickets will be available at a wide range of prices across all performances, to allow as much flexibility as possible.’

The award-winning play, which opened in London’s West End last summer, will start playing in New York next year, with previews beginning on 16 March at its new American home, the Lyric Theatre. The venue has recently been completely renovated, so you can count on things feeling very swanky inside. The Official Opening will follow on 22 April.

Once you have registered you’ll be in with a chance of being randomly selected to be able to purchase tickets using a special access code. The Ticketmaster Verified Fan® process will weed out annoying bots and scalpers to prevent them from snapping up tickets and selling them on at inflated prices. All those in the running to be randomly selected to receive a code will have been identified as genuine ticket buyers.

‘We’re committed to having a high number of unusually low-priced tickets, and we also want to make sure that all other prices set by the production for each part are in line with Broadway industry norms,’ says Sonia Friedman. ‘We have put these measures in place to ensure we protect our audience as much as possible from bots and scalpers. Until stricter laws are brought in we, and other producers like us, have to try what we can to protect our audiences.’

Cursed Child producers Sonia Friedman and Colin Callender
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child producers Sonia Friedman and Colin Callender.

The system might deter bots, but thankfully it’s very simple for fans. ‘Registration is not complicated at all – it’s actually a very simple process,’ continues Colin Callender. ‘All you have to do is go to our website, click on “register for ticket access” and fill in your details. Everyone who does that, and is identified as a real person and not a bot, then has an equal chance of being selected to receive a code.’ Tickets for the play will be on a first come, first served basis. ‘Some people have asked if there is anything they can do to improve their chances of getting a code,’ adds Sonia. ‘The answer is no; everyone has a fair chance. Whilst we can’t promise that everyone who registers will receive a code, this is the best way we feel we can do it for this first release.’

And for those who aren’t lucky enough to get a code for this release, don’t despair! Rest assured that there will be plenty more opportunities to get tickets.

‘There will be other releases before we open,’ confirms Colin, ‘and we’ll also have late release tickets, returns that are available at the box office, and of course we’ll be bringing the Friday Forty to Broadway too – every Friday at 1pm, we’ll release forty great tickets for every performance the next week for $20 per part.’

It was recently announced that the original, award-winning West-End cast – led by Jamie Parker as Harry, Noma Dumezweni as Hermione, and Paul Thornley as Ron – will be joining the Broadway production, among other members of the first incarnation of the cast. The West-End production carries on with Jamie Glover, Rakie Ayola and Thomas Aldridge playing Harry, Hermione and Ron respectively.

We imagine the atmosphere in New York will be pretty magical next year!

To register for Cursed Child tickets on Broadway, go to the official Harry Potter and the Cursed Child website from 1 October at 10am EDT. Remember, you must be registered to be in with a chance of getting tickets once they go on sale on 18 October.

The registration window closes on 5 October. Find out more details from the Cursed Child website or the Cursed Child NYC Twitter.