James and Oliver Phelps show Pottermore around Harry Potter: The Exhibition

Actors James and Oliver Phelps at Harry Potter: The Exhibition in Brussels
Actors James and Oliver Phelps at Harry Potter: The Exhibition in Brussels.

The Weasley twins took us on a tour of the exhibition, now open in Brussels.

Fred and George Weasley were always excellent showmen. Who better to tell us more about Harry Potter: The Exhibition, now open at Brussels Expo, than the actors who brought them to life in the Potter films – James and Oliver Phelps?

Harry Potter: The Exhibition is a celebration of all things Harry Potter and has been on the move across the globe since 2009, popping up in cities like Sydney, New York, and Paris.

The exhibition opened last month in Brussels, inviting scores of Harry Potter fans to immerse themselves in some amazing set pieces from the Harry Potter movies. Everything from the Gryffindor common room and Quidditch memorabilia, to screaming Mandrakes and the Sorting Hat.

Just before the exhibition opened its doors to the public, James and Oliver popped down to guide us, and themselves, back through the memories and sets of the films.

And for the Phelps brothers, who portrayed Fred and George Weasley across all eight Harry Potter films, we imagine the trip brings back a lot of fun times on set.

‘We can give you the behind-the-scenes, we-have-insider-knowledge tour of Harry Potter: The Exhibition,’ James explained as the twins – just like their fictional, Weasley-selves – proceeded to cause trouble around the exhibit.

So, enjoy as James and Oliver take you through the tour, and can you guess which of the brothers failed to throw the Quaffle through the Quidditch goal posts? Watch the video to find out if you guessed right:

Harry Potter: The Exhibition runs at the Brussels Expo until 11 September 2016.

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