Video: Matthew Lewis discovers his Hogwarts house

COHP Matthew Lewis interview still

Watch Matthew Lewis, Neville Longbottom himself, be sorted into his Hogwarts house. Suffice to say, the actor took it very seriously.

It took Neville Longbottom years to really come out of his shell in the Harry Potter stories, but his real-life counterpart Matthew Lewis was nowhere near as shy when it was his turn to be sorted into his Hogwarts house. In fact, we don’t think we’ve ever seen anyone take it so seriously.

Having starred in all eight films, Matthew knows more about the world of Harry Potter than most, and was keen to be as accurate as possible when he went through the Sorting Ceremony on Pottermore.

For example, when it came to a question about whether he’d tell on a housemate using a self-spelling quill on an exam, Matthew and his splendid moustache seemed borderline-stressed about the moral conundrum. ‘Is he just a housemate or is he a friend? I mean, I’m not going to grass on a friend!’

After meticulously examining every question intensely (‘Don’t like cats, skip through all the cats…) Matthew finally discovered his Hogwarts house.

Neville was a Gryffindor, of course, but which common room would Matthew have spent his free time in, if he’d gone to Hogwarts? Watch and find out:

Join Pottermore all this week as more of the Harry Potter actors discover their Hogwarts houses for the first time. In tomorrow’s final instalment, it’s Evanna Lynch’s turn to see if she embraces Luna’s inner house, Ravenclaw.

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