Warner Bros. Studio Tour London unveils new ‘Behind the Seams’ experience

The Pottermore News Team

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Behind the Seams
Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Ever wanted to get up close to exclusive costumes belonging to Professor Sprout, Cedric Diggory and Lord Voldemort himself? Now’s your chance…

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is giving visitors a unique insight into one of the busiest parts of the Wizarding World: the Costume Department. Tour experts will reveal the behind-the-scenes sartorial journeys behind the creation of the 250,000 unique items of clothing that brought our favourite characters to life, including costumes never-before-seen at the Studio Tour.

Creating the costumes was a true labour of love, deploying all kinds of hands-on methods. This brand-new experience will display the battle-torn robes of Lord Voldemort, distressed for the Battle of Hogwarts with the help of paint, mud and wire brushes, and explain how magical snail trails were created for Professor Sprout’s robes – as well as why Aunt Marge needed 38 costumes for just one scene!

Visitors to Behind the Seams will also receive the exclusive opportunity to choose their house colours (finally a chance to slip into those Slytherin greens properly), and wear an original Hogwarts robe which appeared on screen in the Harry Potter film series.

The experience will be running daily from 26 May to 3 June 2018, and every weekend until 22 July. It promises to be a cut above.

Tickets can be purchased here.